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Cooperation conditions

"Dilan-Tekstile", the russian manufacturer of knitted fabric, invites to cooperation retail and wholesale buyers. The assortment of manufactured products of our company includes: single jersey, french terry, terry cloth, kashkorse, rib knit , pique (quilt fabric), interlock knit, kapitone, jacquard, fantasy, collars and cuffs.

  • minimum order quantity – 6 packs (145 kg) for uniformly dyed fabric of 1 colour and 12 packs (280 kg) – for printed fabric.

  • term of order processing – one working day.

  • if the chosen product is available in our warehouse, within a day you will be billed for payment in the amount of 100% of the order value. 

  • in the absence of the ordered products in the warehouse, you will be billed for a prepayment of 50% of the order value. 

  • after payment of proforma invoice, your order will be transferred to production. 

  • term of order execution is 3 – 10 working days for manufacturing and delivery to the distribution warehouses.

  • payment term of invoice is 3 working days.

  • payment is made by transfer of money resources to the bank account of the supplier. 

  • shipment of goods is carried out after 100% payment of the invoice.

  • delivery/shipment of goods is carried out by the customer on its own account.

  • product failure is accepted in presence of original packaging and labels, the knitted fabric should not be cut.

  • 3% of product failure is permissible under the standard. 

  • for an information regarding the date of manufacture  of (knitting)fabric, please get in contact with your sales manager.

  • we can dye the fabric according to your sample or pantone (TPX, TCX). 

  • fabric dyeing is available at the order of 150 kg.